Measuring Advice

Measuring for Your Picture Frame

It's important to ensure your measurements are correct in order to achieve a flawless result, so just follow these simple steps for a professional finish.


Step 1:

Lay your artwork out on a flat table and measure width and height in CM ( its what our software uses) eg. W x H - 40 x 50cm will mean your artwork is 40cm wide and 50cm in height.

Step 2:

If you would like to crop your print, make any adjustments now before moving forward. Sometimes you may wish to reduce it in size to hide some damage eg. a small tear on the edge. 

Step 3: 

With Mount
If you are choosing to add a mount/border to your frame, enter the size of your artwork and then reduce by a few mm (we recommend 10mm) to ensure that the mount will fit over your print and not be too large.

WE CANNOT STRESS THE FOLLOWING ENOUGH - When we add a mount to a print the mount should neatly over the print. The window or aperture must be a little bit smaller that size of the actual print. THE REASON FOR THIS IS SO YOU CAN TAPE OR HINGE THE MOUNT TO THE ARTWORK. IF YOU HAVE A 40x40 cm PRINT AND YOU ORDER A 40x40 MOUNT - THIS WILL NOT WORK!!

IF YOU HAVE A 40x40cm print you need a 39 x 39 cm window - this will give a 10mm tolerance or rather gives you a 5mm overlap on each side to fit your print 

Without Mount
If you wish for your print to fit the frame neatly, it is recommended to add a slight buffer to ensure that your print will not have to be crammed into the frame. This makes the whole process a lot easier. Eg. if your print was 40 x 50 cm, order a 40.2 x 50.2 cm. 

Other things to consider

  • The frame size will be detailed in your order if you have selected a picture frame and ALWAYS relates to what fits inside the frame such as the glazing and backing. It NEVER relates to the visible area from the front of the frame and it NEVER relates to the external size of the frame.
  • Every frame does have a lip/rebate that will overlap the glazing and artwork by approximately 5 millimetres on each edge to ensure the contents do not fall out. The lip/rebate will make the visible area from the front approximately 10mm smaller than the frame size.
  • The frame opening will include a 1-3mm allowance to ensure the backing and glazing can be removed when fitting your artwork.
  • The external mount size will only be detailed if you have ordered a picture mount with no frame. This size relates to the outside measurements of the picture mount. If you are ordering a picture mount to go into a picture frame purchased separately, the external mount size should match the frame size of said picture frame.

Choosing your frame and mount

Once you have all your measurements ready to go, you are now ready to use our frame visualiser! If you're not too sure how to use it, we have created this guide for you.

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