5 Metres of Picture cord
Good quality braided polyester picture cord. We've been using this product for years on our own framing and have never once had a problem. If it's a particularly heavy frame then we simply double up the cord to be on...
Masking Tape 25mm x 25metres
Good quality masking tape for lots of framing jobs and crafts. Cream colour and crepe texture this tape is a cost effective way to tape and hinge prints and artwork to mounts. It is used mainly in low value items...
D-Rings with screws
Handy packs of our popular D-Rings with screws included. These are the exact ones we use on our own picture frames leaving our shop. We've never once had any quality issues with these fittings, they are sturdy and strong and...
from £3.08
Wall Hangers - CWH
Handy Packs Of Wall Hangers suitable for Canvases and picture frames. These fitting work especially well where you want the frame flat to the wall. By fixing a screw or suitable fitting to the wall these then sit snugly onto...
from £3.21
38mm Brass Picture Plates
38mm Brass picture platesSteel Brass Plated 38 mm picture plates - ideal for securely fixing mirrors & pictures to the walls. Perfect job for where there is movement ie. offices, workplaces, bars, busy corridors such as public areas etc.We've been...
from £4.00
Finger Lift Double sided tape
Double sided tape finger lift tape. The backing paper is wider than the adhesive band.Your finger nail is easily slipped under the edge of the backing paper to peel it up. Ideal for double mounts & for mounting low value...
ECO Tape 38mm x 50metres
Here we have another great product for customers that need a good all round tape for framing and craft work. This 38mm tape is self- adhesive and allows for an attractive finish to the back of your frames. It's cost...
Gummed Brown Paper Tape 48mm x 35metres
Still the most popular tape in framing shops. This tape has to be thoroughly dampened with a sponge or through a wet station. Can be nicely folded and moved around to seal the back of the frame completely. Roll size...
Sold Out
PH7 - 70 Tape 25mm x 20metres
PH7-70 is a white, single sided, acid free adhesive paper tape. The tape has a high initial grab, with excellent temperature resistance, which has not always been achieved from other acid free tapes to date. The adhesive system has been...
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