Framing Your Picture

We are here to help you find the very best frame for your print or artwork - be it for your home or business.

A few things to think about : 

  • What are you framing ?

We frame inhouse everyday a very wide range of art mediums for example - posters, limited edition signed prints, original watercolours, oil and acrylics on canvases and boards, photograghy, textle art including cross-stitches tapestries, charcoals and pastels etc. Then we look after collectables and sports memorabilia for example, sports jerseys, medals, flags etc. War medals, maps - we really see a great range of framed pieces that customers love to dress their homes and offices. 

To summerize - you can virtually frame anything but it is always best to source the best frame for the job

  • The value of the item ?

We appreciate that sometimes a customer only wants a functional frame and does not really mind how its framed - they simply want that certifciate or print on the wall - safe and secure. Therefore buy a simple budget frame the correct size. If however your item is speciasl to you then give it the best frame you can, an appropriate moulding style, add a mount etc.

  • Components of the frame 

The frame moulding or outer rim -----------


the mounts



hanging etc

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