How To Choose a Frame For Your Picture

Not really sure where to start with your next framing project? We are here to help you find the very best frame for your print or artwork - be it for your home or business. There are a few things worth considering.


What are you framing?

We frame inhouse everyday a very wide range of art mediums for example - posters, limited edition signed prints, original watercolours, oil and acrylics on canvases and boards, photograghy, textle art including cross-stitches tapestries, charcoals and pastels etc. Then we look after collectables and sports memorabilia for example, sports jerseys, medals, flags etc. War medals, maps - we really see a great range of framed pieces that customers love to dress their homes and offices. 

We frame inhouse everyday a very wide range of art mediums, such as

  • Paintings
  • Prints
  • Photographs
  • Textile Art
  • Memorabilia


The value of the item

We appreciate that sometimes a customer only wants a functional frame and does not really mind how its framed - they simply want that certificate or print on the wall - safe and secure. For this type of project, a ready-made frame might suit you best. Browse our range of ready-made frames here.

If however your item is special to you, high in value or fragile, it’s better to create a bespoke frame where you can choose a more protective glass, mount, detailed frame etc. that matches the value of your art.


Choosing a frame style

The style of frame that you choose can really make our break the overall look of your artwork, so it’s an important aspect to consider.


Where will your frame be displayed? E.g. for something in a corporate/office setting, a more sleek and minimal frame might be more appropriate, but this style of frame may not look as great in a home setting.

What’s your interior style? If creating a frame for your home, is there a certain trend or colour scheme? For a shabby-chic home, a distressed frame in a muted tone works great, or maybe something with a metallic detail for a modern home.



What colour is your artwork? For bold art prints and paintings, it’s a nice option to match the frame colour with a colour in the piece to really make it pop, or perhaps you’d rather go with a simple white or black so that the piece stands out.



Are you planning to use your frame as a stand alone piece or will it be hung beside other frames and décor? It’s important to ensure that you’re frame style/colour matches the rest of the surroundings for the best effect.

Here are a few of our frame styles and what environment they work best in:


Ravenna Frame


Aventino Frame


Ancona Frame



Aquila Frame


Elise Frame



Kashmir Frame



Trevi Frame


If you’re still unsure of what frame to go for, we’re happy to help out with our expertise. If you’d like to discuss further, just email us at with the art/image you’d like to frame and we’ll give you further advice.


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