Mounts, Backs & Bag Kits

Mounts, backs and cello bags

Our white-core bevel mounts are the idea product to enhance your photos and art prints. We supply a wide range of external sizes ( i.e. the measurement to fit inside the frame - or the same size of the glass in a readymade frame) and every choice combination of internal sizes (i.e. this is the window cut out - or aperture. This is the bit where your image is attached. Please note we reduce all of our inside apertures to assist with fitting. Normally 3mm on all sizes)

What we are stocking here is our normal white core bevelled mounts together with a matching sized white backing board and clear cellophane bag. This is a great product that we have had great success with - selling steadily to craft people, resellers, traders that sell their prints at markets etc. We also have lots of customers in studios, offices, designers etc. that choose to protect or display their prints in safe presentation packs.

Please note our backs are good quality white core 1.4mn that match perfectly the front mount and slide comfortably into the bags. Our cello bags are high clarity 40 micron with a fold over flap that self- seals. Honestly a great product that we have no issues with and no complaints.

Got any questions - please give us a call.