Custom Picture Framing - is it expensive?

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"Picture framing is so expensive!" Yes I'm writing this on my own website, not a problem. Please read on and let me explain a little, or I should say dispel the myth.

Its a bit sad really that with modern day living and public shopping habits, everything has really become a throwaway society. When is the last time you've seen a repair shop for anything really? The same can be said of the local picture framer, trying to compete with the big box out of town outlets . Here they sell plastic and MDF picture frames by the shed load for a few pound each. Some are not too bad, some are plain rubbish. I would never over sell to a customer - I'll always be honest with my clients, if its a cheap little holiday print that they only want to spend a few pound framing, then I'd suggest trying the local home store for a readymade.

However we do offer a handmade service, and expect a reasonable remuneration for our skill, materials & service. Just like the dressmaker, furniture maker, artist, tattooist, hairdresser etc. anything that is produced as one-offs for each individual is going to cost more. There is no economies of scale here. Your local picture framer is more concerned with framing your items correctly, enhancing the aesthetics of the item and protecting your artwork, prints, fabrics etc. for the future than overcharging - merely making a living. At Hoopers Picture framing we try to view every single job individually - of course we realise that each customer has a budget, however we feel it is important to examine the piece in for framing. What are the customers expectations, do they have a 'look' in mind they are hoping to achieve. We spend considerable time with each person, advising on how to fix the item, if it is on paper, canvas, fabric or is a three dimensional item. Then we'll discuss if we are going to use one or two mounts, colours to enhance the artwork and suitable moulding profiles. We will mention glass options and how it will be fixed ultimately to a wall in their home or office. Throughout this time we will be mindful and update the client on costs and final budget so there are no surprises.  Finally the customer will receive a copy of accompanying paperwork as agreed, final bill and expected completion date. The customer artwork is now in our safe care, covered/wrapped and fully insured until hand over. I feel its fair to say, a custom made picture frame from Hoopers or any other reputable picture framer will last a lifetime. Unlike that restaurant meal, hairstyle or a night on the town, our products are handcrafted pieces that will always grace your home.

Your artwork, family photographs, memorabilia framed uniquely for you - these things say something about you. They are like the books on your bookshelf, they reveal a little about your personality. Typical pieces that we see on a regular basis are the following , sports memorabilia, oils and acrylics on canvas  and board, fabric artwork including needlework, cross stitch and tapestries. Photography, watercolours, pastels, three dimensional objects, ceramics, military items etc. The list is endless!

Please remember we are always here to supply, framing, mounts, mats, cellophane bags, framing sundries etc.


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